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Pump Shop Equipment

Pump shop equipment

 This affordable equipment is the toughest in the industry.  Ships today. Contact us now.

PETOL Socketrench Handles & Sliding Socket Plate

PETOL Shoprench

Pump Shop Equipment Pump Shop Equipment
PETOL SOCKETRENCH HANDLES add versatility to the entire line of PETOL Platerenches. An operator can attach a Platerench to the handle and use it like a Shoprench. The PETOL Valve Cage Benchrench can also be attached to the Socketrench Handle. The Socketrench Handles are available to fit Platerench stem diameters 1-1/4" and 1-1/2", and can be ordered with a 45° handle bend if desired. All Socketrench Handles are heat-treated for years of dependable service.
PETOL SLIDING SOCKET PLATES are used with all PETOL Pump Shop Benches. They enable the worker to place PETOL Platerenches up and down the pump, adding stability and ease in making up or breaking out particular pump sections. The PETOL Sliding Socket Plate is available with either 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" sockets.
PETOL SHOPRENCHES, sometimes called end wrenches, are extremely strong and can handle tough makeup and breakout jobs.

PETOL Hydraulic Friction Breakout Unit

PETOL Pump Benches

Pump Shop Equipment Pump Shop Equipment
The PETOL™ HYDRAULIC FRICTION BREAKOUT UNIT will not mar the surface of the parts being made up and broken out. Each Hydraulic Friction Tong and PETOL SURGRIP™ Vise Bushing is bored to grip a specific O.D. by friction alone. The units are powered by an electric motor and have a pressure gauge that reads out in ft.-lbs. of torque and PSI. For added safety, a controlled pressure relief valve allows the operator to adjust the working pressure for each job. When the set pressure is accomplished the system stops torquing.
NOTE: Maximum working loads range from 500 ft.-lbs. to 5,000 ft.-lbs. depending on size of tong being used.
Note: Drip Pans for ALL Pump Benches must be ordered separately.

PETOL Pump Support

Thread Cutter

Pump Shop Equipment Pump Shop Equipment
Note: ZSV2422-3AH-BR vee-saddle must be ordered separately. Gearench handles the Ridgid line of special API hand threading die heads, replacement dies and Ridgid ratchet handles for cutting modified API line pipe threads on pump valve rods.

PETOL Tool Stand & Rinse Tank

PETOL Benchrench & Platerench

Pump Shop Equipment Pump Shop Equipment
Note: Paper Rack and Cutter must be ordered separately. PETOL™ BENCHRENCHES fit into PETOL Pump Benches and provide a strong and stable hold for makeup and breakout of pump sections.
PETOL™ PLATERENCHES are specifically designed to fit into the PETOL Sliding Socket Plate and Socketrench Handle. The Platerench fits on the pump flats and provides a strong and stable hold for makeup and breakout of pump sections.
PETOL™ VALVE CAGE BENCHRENCHES are specifically designed to fit in PETOL Pump Benches, Sliding Socket Plates, Pump Supports, and Socketrench Handles.